The Importance of Memorialization 

woman-thinking3Memorialization is an honor to the deceased but it is also a service to the living.

The very act of visiting a site and seeing the deceased’s name provides comfort and closure. Memorialization is not just for family and friends, but for everyone whose lives were touched by the deceased, we can’t begin to presume who these people could be. It is also for the generations that follow who will want to connect with their heritage.

Without memorialization, all traces of the deceased are lost forever. As long as the urns are sitting in a private home, this act is not complete. Memorialization is complete once the urn is placed in the columbarium niche, niche wall or in-ground and the memorial lettering is in place.

If you have an urn or even several urns in your home, maybe on the mantel or sitting in a closet or attic – you are not alone!

There are many reasons why these urns haven’t been memorialized in a final resting place.

  • The urns are left behind by someone who has now died themselves.
  • The cost of a private service might be prohibitive to you.
  • You don’t have family or friends nearby who could share the memorialization experience with you and you don’t want to do this alone.
  • Planning a service well after the person has passed seems like a difficult chore.

Everyone has their reason but let’s face it. It is unfinished business that needs attention.

Interment Options of Cremated Remains

For cremated remains, one can inter an urn in-ground, in a niche wall or in a standalone columbarium. A fee is usually associated with opening and closing the grave and lettering or a memorial plaque can be easily arranged.

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